CYBER DEALER is a fully web-based vehicle dealer management system which empowers vehicle producers/importers to manage dealer's network for sale and after sales services.
CYBER DEALER comprises more than twenty core modules which each one designed to benefit businesses, staff and customers.
CYBER DEALER is a tool that is completely geared towards supporting the management in both planning and decision making, allowing them to utilize the considerable power of an advanced dealer system to trade profitably and achieve business objectives whilst striving for long term success.
System Scale
CYBER DEALER is an enterprise solution designed for vehicle producers/importers which have sales and after sales services network with multi branches and dealers.
CYBER DEALER central server can manage from 5 to 2000 stations.

Installation and connectivity
By having a fully web-based system, there is no installation needed on client side and this can be an important point for companies with several dealers and branches.
CYBER DEALER's developer team focused on low speed connection to make the system available to everywhere in the world. Now a 56kbps is enough for a CYBER DEALER client which can be a manager, customer, dealership or a branch.
A multi system CYBER DEALER is the only multi language, multi date, multi time, multi currency, multi franchise, multi stock, web-based vehicle dealer management system in the world. Scalability, Flexibility, Modularity CYBER DEALER has only one value added reseller (VAR) in your country, you can reach your local VAR at site, every value added reseller is responsible for helping CYBER DEALER's developer team in customizing and tailoring the new system for the new customer. The system can be used as full module or by selecting some modules. Every module in the system can be tailored for new customer within 3 to 4 months.
More security with smart card integration CYBER DEALER smart card integration helps vehicle manufacturers/importers to perform high level control on their dealers. By using this module, repair process occurs only by customer presence, and the customer must use the smart card at reception and issuing invoice steps, after that no extra changes will be applicable to the invoice or warranty claims data.

Your customers are the key to your success, in an increasingly competitive environment highlighted by pressure on margins, looser territorial regulations and dealer network restructuring, CYBER DEALER customer relationship management gives you the fore front of your dealership activities. Fully integrated to the CYBER DEALER DMS, CYBER DEALER CRM is a proven entity with large multi-franchise dealer group with centralized data needs as well as smaller dealership. The centre of CYBER DEALER CRM is the salesperson desktop, giving a comprehensive view to the salesperson of the customers. The salesperson desktop collects leads, tasks, test drives, offers, orders and after sales call, on one screen with just a click of a button the sales manager can see all over due tasks of the sales team. Each customer contact is followed up, from lead to order.

CRM contains campaign management for sales and after sales. For example, it is possible to define the target group segment, create templates and send a mail shot. The campaign can be followed up at customer or vehicle level: how many activities, test drives, offers and how many orders taken.

Every dealer has access to its customer's data that purchased their vehicle before or had a repair or service at workshop, thus any recall such as a special season offer or periodic services are possible.
Central company is able to contact customers in any form, such as sending an e-mail or SMS for a recall or a periodic service.

One of the benefits of having a central web-based system is that customers can track their vehicle when it is in the workshop, then they will be informed when repair process is done.
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  • Vehicle Sales
  • Parts Sales
  • Workshop
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  • Vehicle Sales
    CYBER DEALER Vehicle Sales gives salespeople more time to focus on their core sales activities and the management of customer relationships. CYBER DEALER Vehicle Sales will guide users intuitively step by step through the whole sales process from order to invoicing.

    Logically continued from the CYBER DEALER CRM module, the entire sales and follow-up processes are handled, including forecasting of revenues, costs and goods flows, incoming trade-in vehicles, pipeline statuses of ordered vehicles, transfer of vehicles across stocks, as well as the follow-up of stock quantities and costs.

    The vehicle data base centrally manages the data of all vehicles at all sites offering common accessibility across applications.
    A multitude of available reports also offers managers the ability to follow and measure areas such as salespeople performance, profitability by make and model, leasing activities, vehicle inventory, costs etc.

    Parts Sales
    The CYBER DEALER Parts application handles the purchase, sale and inventory management of parts. The system monitors inventory levels for various products, and then generates automatic purchase proposals based on preset order limits. Purchases in foreign currency pose no problem to the system and updates to supplier price lists can be handled automatically.

    With the ABC analysis feature users can identify changes in product demand and whether products have become overstocked or outdated. The report generator gives an impressive overview of daily/weekly sales, salesperson performance, purchase transactions, campaign reports, product group reports, sales transactions sorted by product, stock reports etc.

    • Maximizes profitability by optimizing inventory levels with ABC analysis and automatic purchase order proposals
    • Improves customer service by finding available parts across sites quicker
    • Always has the right part for the right car with model specific suitability tables
    • Identifies slow-moving or obsolete stock
    • Avoids manual re-keying of information Parts sales and purchases
    • Price and product enquiry: prices, discounts, stock at sites, inventory dates etc
    • Easy to divide invoices by lines and as a percentage of total amount
    • Links to customer, product, product history and product availability data from sales transactions
    • Lost sales registration
    • Customer and customer group specific discounts
    • Associated and alternative parts
    • Replacement (number changes) handling
    • Automatic creation of purchase proposals
    • Purchases in supplier’s currency
    • Parts order delivery handling
    • Interface availability to EPC catalogues

    Inventory management
    • Multi-site and multi-stock handling
    • Depreciation of stock value
    • Pricelist updates
    • Bar code handling for inventory, sales and parts picking
    • Parts reservation for ordering customer
    • Product scrapping Reporting
    • ABC analysis
    • Stock value reports (both present and history)
    • Stock activity history
    • Gross margin reports
    • Obsolete stock reports
    • Campaign reports and follow-up

    larger picture
    With productivity and customer satisfaction at the forefront, the CYBER DEALER Workshop application is designed to help workshop managers and technicians more effectively plan and monitor the usage of resources.
    The system helps with time reservation management, work order creation, stampings, monitoring of work orders in progress, as well as warranty handling. An overview of technician performance and the profitability of the workshop operations are at the fingertips of managers via numerous available reports.

    The processing of subcontracts, dividing invoices among several customers, notifying customers of completed work orders through SMS text messaging, PDI inspections and parts ordering are all part of the CYBER DEALER Workshop application interfaces.

    • Increase overall efficiency of workshop through graphic time reservation management and technician classification tools
    • Track operational efficiency and workshop profitability with comprehensive reporting tools
    • Ease communication to customers through SMS messaging and email capabilities
    • Save time for technicians with bar code stamping
    • Decrease need for manual data entry via interfaces to standard work time and menu-pricing systems
    • Integration to CYBER DEALER eService and Call Center modules improves customer service Work order handling
    • Offers, cost estimate creation and advanced invoicing capabilities
    • Processing of subcontracts
    • Work and parts package handling
    • Import functionality to handle parts and standard work time updates
    • Division of invoices across multiple payers down to work line level
    • Interface availability to EPC, Menu Pricing and Standard Time catalogues

    Stamping and workshop monitoring
    • Monitor work load and status of work in progress
    • Status of vehicle visible: upcoming, waiting, in progress, ready, ready for invoicing
    • Follow-up technician productivity
    • Bar code functionality available for work order stamping
    • Define technician wages and bonuses through stamping
    • SMS and email notification to customer about vehicle status and delivery times

    Warranty handling
    • Technical campaign handling
    • Rejected warranty claim handling
    • Batch job handling
    Dealership administration
    A CYBER DEALER dealership administrator, can create workshop users by considering security and different access levels. Online reports and information from all system sides like vehicle sales, inventory reports, part sales and workshop are administrator abilities.

    System Administrator
    CYBER DEALER system administration is a real easy environment for system administrators. System administrator can
    - create new dealers or edit/delete current dealers data
    - determine dealer's language, time, date, currency & etc.
    - setup new languages for the system
    - create and update system basic data like EPC, prices, SRTs, make and models of supported vehicles,work ordes, franchise, and etc.
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