Parts Sales
The CYBER DEALER Parts application handles the purchase, sale and inventory management of parts. The system monitors inventory levels for various products, and then generates automatic purchase proposals based on preset order limits. Purchases in foreign currency pose no problem to the system and updates to supplier price lists can be handled automatically.

With the ABC analysis feature users can identify changes in product demand and whether products have become overstocked or outdated. The report generator gives an impressive overview of daily/weekly sales, salesperson performance, purchase transactions, campaign reports, product group reports, sales transactions sorted by product, stock reports etc.

• Maximizes profitability by optimizing inventory levels with ABC analysis and automatic purchase order proposals
• Improves customer service by finding available parts across sites quicker
• Always has the right part for the right car with model specific suitability tables
• Identifies slow-moving or obsolete stock
• Avoids manual re-keying of information Parts sales and purchases
• Price and product enquiry: prices, discounts, stock at sites, inventory dates etc
• Easy to divide invoices by lines and as a percentage of total amount
• Links to customer, product, product history and product availability data from sales transactions
• Lost sales registration
• Customer and customer group specific discounts
• Associated and alternative parts
• Replacement (number changes) handling
• Automatic creation of purchase proposals
• Purchases in supplier’s currency
• Parts order delivery handling
• Interface availability to EPC catalogues

Inventory management
• Multi-site and multi-stock handling
• Depreciation of stock value
• Pricelist updates
• Bar code handling for inventory, sales and parts picking
• Parts reservation for ordering customer
• Product scrapping Reporting
• ABC analysis
• Stock value reports (both present and history)
• Stock activity history
• Gross margin reports
• Obsolete stock reports
• Campaign reports and follow-up
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