Using and Purchasing CyberDealer
NG3 Systems offers our products through a worldwide distribution network, for a better service and local access. NG3 Systems Value Added Resellers in the world are responsible to examine your request and your company scale and report them here to find the best solution and system modules which matches your service network. After providing enough information about your "How to Service" strategy, the system will be customized and tailored on one of NG3 serves to service to your network.

It is real but unbelievable!
Installation and maintenance
You don't need to have any dedicated server, backup server and even a supporting team for using and maintenance CyberDealer. All 24 hours maintenances are provided by NG3 Systems expert team here in London, also server machines and backup servers in an another country are provided by NG3 Systems.

A consulting contract to the reseller may needed
If the system need to be changed or tailored for a specific customer, a studying and consulting contract to an expert reseller may needed.
There is a consulting contract to the customer needed for studying customer's needs, integrating the product to other applications and preparing documents for tailoring and customizing NG3 Systems products for a specific customer. Pricing, generally calculated by documents scale and customer-reseller agreement and may vary from a reseller to another, regarding to the quality of service or competition.

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